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​​​​​Scientific research has shown that using mind-body techniques can double the success of getting pregnant (Soroka University, Israel, 2006). 

Having children is one of the most wonderful, rewarding experiences, and being able to conceive is usually taken for granted. You think it’s going to be a question of 'when' rather than 'if'.

To discover that it may not happen to you is devastating. Even more so, as you cope with the pain and despair, is the realisation that you may be the one with fertility issues.

Living with infertility can feel like riding an emotional roller coaster of anticipation, worry, sadness, grief, and anger. Triggers of these feelings can seem unrelated, or completely random, but still have a profound effect. Watching other people pushing prams down the street, passing the baby aisle in the supermarket, and friends announcing their own pregnancies, only causes further anguish and makes you feel like a failure.

When you’re experiencing fertility issues, you feel desperately inadequate. Both partners may question why their bodies are not functioning normally, especially when people around them are having babies, apparently without any trouble. This can cause feelings of hopelessness and depression.

The disappointment of a negative pregnancy test or failed fertility treatment, increases the pain and heartache, and in turn, can cause a huge strain on a relationship.

You’d started to visualise your dreams as reality. Child seats in the car, wheeling your pushchair through the park and joining baby groups. Then, so quickly, that dream is taken away.

You feel isolated, believing no one understands; sometimes not even your partner. Your heartache is overwhelming and the stresses can challenge even the strongest of relationships.

Infertility and miscarriage can be among life’s most deeply painful experiences. For individuals and couples undergoing any sort of fertility treatments, pre-existing trauma, negative thoughts and fears can complicate their efforts to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Being able to take control and make optimistic choices could improve your chances of getting pregnant. These could be the positive steps you need to take towards having a positive pregnancy test.

Move towards the Positive result you’ve been waiting for with Think Positive with Faye.

If you are one of those many women that has failed to conceive naturally, or has had failed assisted fertility treatment such as IVF, then this ground-breaking technique could take you from where you are now, to the family you always dreamed about. Preparing your mind for pregnancy, as well as your body, improves the chances of your conception significantly.

If you’ve been trying naturally for several years, you’ll want the torturous wait to be over. If you’ve progressed to the IVF route, factors as senseless as postcode, could mean you might only have one chance at treatment before having to find huge sums of money to continue. It’s essential that you optimise every chance.

The role of the mind and emotions in your fertility is a vital one. Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy works on the premise that the conscious and subconscious minds are often in conflict with one another. Individuals are frequently unaware of particular unconscious thoughts that are blocking their conception, and these can sometimes be present as physical symptoms, which may have been medically diagnosed.

Miscarriage, abortion, depression and guilt can have a huge impact, but more prevalent are simple connections with sex, pregnancy, or childhood memories; that have manifested as inaccurately formed, negative beliefs.

With so many studies now showing that your body speaks your mind, changing your mindset can support natural conception, improve assisted fertility treatments, and facilitate a healthy pregnancy to full term.​