It’s definitely working already as I managed to walk down the baby aisle and touch the new-born clothes. This is something I haven’t been able to do. I also haven’t been teary when I see pregnant women which is unbelievable.
Claire, South Wales

I feel a lot lighter and much more positive already. I’m going to be listening every day!
Louise, Reading​

I can't quite believe it but I've had a positive pregnancy test. Words can't describe how happy I am!
Caroline, Reading​

I had my first session with Faye yesterday. It was AMAZING! 
I have been on a fertility journey for a long time and that has created a lot of hard feelings inside my body. In 2 days I have a christening to attend and I was really stressed about it. 
In just 1 hour, Faye managed to reduce the hard feelings I have dealt with for all these years, down to zero; and also to increase the good feelings about my fertility.
I can't thank you enough Faye! ​
Linda, Stockholm​

After 5 years of suffering with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, I totally understand why my body was trying to hijack my fertility. I’m having regular cycles for the first time in years and have a new found positivity about what my body is capable of. I have new sprouts of hair already!! Looking forward to having my full, thick barnet back! 
Rebecca, Bristol

Faye is amazing. She really helped me to shift long term blocks around my fertility that have been holding me back. I left her session feeling so much better. I can’t thank her enough and I would really recommend her.
Mrs Dixon, South Wales

Thanks so much for the session. I feel it has made a difference already!
Hannah, Bristol​

I've got some great news...I'm 12 weeks pregnant!  We've had our scan and baby is growing nicely. Thank you so much! And thank you for keeping me positive even when my partner was unwell.
Tracey, Reading

We’d been trying to conceive for 3 years without success. We’d just been told that we had ‘unexplained infertility’. In my session with Faye, we saw that I’d been blocking the pregnancy unconsciously due to issues from my childhood. Less than a month after the session and I’ve had my very first positive ovulation test. I’m so excited. Victoria, Reading.

I would highly recommend Faye to anyone trying to conceive. After trying for nearly 2 years, I decided to try an alternative method and I’m so glad I did because I caught the month after. I am now 26 weeks and thoroughly enjoying my pregnancy so far. Changing my mindset was definitely the biggest hurdle to overcome and after one session and listening to the recordings I felt like a weight had been lifted. I cannot thank Faye enough for this opportunity and truly believe I would not be where I am now without her help. Thank you so much x                                     ​Jess, Birmingham

I’ve suffered with Misophonia for a long time but it got worse after getting pregnant! Last night was the best ever. I can still hear him breathing but it just doesn’t bother me and I was able to go back to sleep easily! It’s amazing! 
Sarah, Ebbw Vale

Success Stories 

Faye provided an amazing session, taking everything that was worrying me into account and cleverly uncovered the issues and blocks. She took great care in how she treated me and in only one session deeply transformed the way I thought about things so much so that I have been positively different ever since and am seeing lovely shifts in my life. Thank you so much​!                                              Kris, London